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Through Art, ChicoScenery.com focuses on the beauty of Historically Rich, Chico, California. Chico is an educational, cultural and economic area of the Northern Sacramento Valley and home to many famous habitats, such as Bidwell Park. Bidwell is one of the Country's 25 largest municipal parks and is a must see by anyone visiting. Judy does a wonderful job bringing this city's beauty to her canvas. Her paintings meet many modern styles, with a huge portion of her clientell being Actors, Directors and even Stuntmen in the Los Angeles / Hollywood Areas.

The city of Chico is also officially nicknamed "The City of Roses", of which says it all. Look for Judy's portrayal of such in her "Rose" line, yet to be released. Being recognized & designated a 'Tree City USA' by the National Arbor Day Foundation, Chico takes great pride in it's reputation for beauty, as does JC... and that reflects through her paintings. Judy is the Lead Artist for ChicoScenery.com and brings a unique, artistic style & viewpoint of the natural surroundings. Check back often for updates and feel free to contact us with any questions or requests.

Special Orders

  • Charitable Art: One of Our Many Services Because Judy is a strong woman of faith, she loves to give back in every way she can. One being, through her Charitable Art made for specific charities, auctions and fundraisers both locally and around the country. Click above or contact us for more information..
  • Judy has recently been sponsored by the Hollywood Stunt Community!Because Judy's art tends to bring modernism, with strong contrast between serenity and bold colors, many Stunt Professionals have taken a liking to her work! We will keep you posted on future paintings and developments regarding her work with Hollywood's Toughest.


The Spiritual Exodus.

The Above Featured Photo is named 'The Spiritual Exodus.' This was witnessed by Judy unbeknown to the group. "The thick moon light, along with the colorful glow of neon sticks, with ambient candles & lanterns... lit up this random hillside in a grand celebration. It was an amazing site. But who where these people? What was the Celebration? Where did they come from? ...it was as if they just appeared from no where." - JC

I didn't need to know.